School Occupational Therapy.

March 29, 2016

Dove Occupational Therapy provides on site individual therapy sessions to students at selected schools throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

With an increasing number of school aged children being referred to Occupational Therapy services for learning and developmental support, it may be that your child could benefit from additional 1:1 therapy sessions at school. Recent studies suggest that approximately 1 in 4 children starting school are at risk in at least one developmental area.


Early intervention is critical to assist children to develop and consolidate age appropriate skills to maximize their engagement, success and enjoyment with educational tasks.

Therapy sessions held at the child’s school are ideal for busy families as there is no need to commute to the appointment. The sessions are conducted 1:1 and are 45-minutes length.

Contact us to find out if your child’s school is partnered with Dove OT.