Home consultation

March 25, 2020

OT home modules and consultation is now available (Zoom)!  Please call 9389 7719 or 0430 474770

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic we have had to change the way we provide our services to you. Currently we remain open.


For those of you who have indicated you are interested in online/electronic services we are pleased to inform you that we have developed weekly modules to be completed at home.


The module is designed to take approximately 45 – 60 minutes from start to finish. Dependent on age and needs, each module generally includes:



As a guide, the therapist would usually spend 5 minutes on a gross motor activity, 2-3 minutes on each worksheet, approximately 5 minutes on the fine motor activity and around 15 to 20 minutes on the handwriting task. Crafts for younger ones may take longer to complete. The module is designed to be completed in the order it is presented.


We have two options to continue with this service provision:


1. You complete the module with your child – or they complete independently if able, followed by a 15-minute consult with your therapist post completion of the module (via zoom, facetime, email, phone). The therapist will review your child’s performance and provide appropriate feedback and guidance.


2.  An individual Zoom consultation with your therapist (approximately 40 minutes) to support your child to complete each module. The aim of this service is to closely replicate an individual OT session.

Sessions are claimable through your private health fund dependent on your level of cover. Please refer to attached fee schedule for specific costs.


All you need is a printer, a Zoom app and you are ready to go!


We are really pleased to continue assisting your child with their occupational therapy intervention in light of the current circumstances. We really hope you have fun with the activities, and it helps keep your children engaged and learning.


If you are wanting further information or wish to enquire about these service please contact us via:


Phone: 9389 7719