COVID-19 Policy

February 2, 2022

COVID-19 Policy

Welcome to Dove Occupational Therapy, please familiarise yourself with our COVID-19 Policy upon entry.

Before entering our practice, please ensure you have completed the following:

●      Check the current exposure sites in WA and follow the current health advice if you have attended any exposure sites.

●      Scan into our premises with the Safe WA application OR Mandatory contact register

●      Please wear a face mask

●      Have proof of vaccination/exemption for all clients/parents/guardians (over the age of 12 years)

Accepted proof of vaccination evidence:

-       COVID-19 Digital Certificate saved to Smartphone

-       Printed Copy of COVID-19 Digital Certificate

-       Printed copy of Immunisation History Statement

-       Australian Immunisation Registry (AIR) – Immunisation Medical Exemption Form (IM011)

Your vaccination details will be stored confidentially in our files, we will not share your information with any third party.

Please note: this only needs to be shown once (per guardian)

●      Please hand sanitise upon entry


Please note as of the 31st January 2022 vaccination status must be demonstrated or appropriate evidence of exemption to enable entry to Dove Occupational Therapy. For clients (12 years and above who do not meet the vaccination requirements, online sessions will be available to access our services from home).

For guardians/caregivers unable to provide proof of vaccination please liaise with your therapist to arrange an alternative drop off/pick up arrangement.

We are doing our best to reduce the number of people coming into and out of the practice. We would appreciate it if you could limit bringing siblings into the practice. If this is unavoidable, please liaise with your therapist to arrange a drop off/pick up plan.

If you or your child are unwell or have any of the following symptoms: fever, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath, we ask you to call us prior to your appointment, to make alternative arrangements for your session.

We thank you for your cooperation during these unforeseen circumstances.


As a practice we have implemented the following policy/procedures for Dove OT practitioners.

-       double vaccination and boosters once eligible

-       therapists to be wearing masks throughout sessions

-       gloves accessible as required

-       sanitising tools, equipment and desks following individual sessions

-       hand hygiene practices

-       limiting number of clients entering our premises


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Dove OT team.