rebates & payment

There are two ways you can claim occupational therapy sessions.

1. Enhanced Primary Care Program: Medicare Rebates are available for Occupational Therapy via an Enhanced Primary Care Program.

The EPCP allows you to claim partial reimbursement for up to five therapy sessions per calendar year. Only a General Practitioner can assess if you are eligible for this program. Once you have visited your GP and received the EPC referral, bring it to Dove OT and we will handle the rest.

2. Private Health Insurance: Your Private Health claim for occupational therapy will vary according to your provider and level of cover. Please contact your provider for details. The claim code for initial assessment is A121/H100 and for individual therapy sessions is A022/H250.

We suggest you check your eligibility for an enhance primary health care program and your private health care provider cover to see which option is best for you and your child.


For any payment enquiries please contact our accounts team at or call 0403 272 158